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A line drawing of two hands, each holding a steaming cup of tea or coffee. The hands are reaching towards each other as though the people at the other end of their arms are deep in conversation.

Reach out and hold on.

The collections below contain articles that offer thoughts on how we could reach out in different scenarios, as well as small actions we could take to push through the discomfort and start to build real-life communities again.

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Here’s the point where you probably start looking for a link to share on social media, but we’re trying to do things a bit differently. Two ways you can

Hold On To…Control Of Your Communications

  • If you want to be the first to know when new ideas for connection are posted, sign up to our newsletter.
  • Read why emails might be a better alternative to stay in touch with your humans than group chats here.
  • Like the concept? Send a link to this website to someone you think would benefit from more human connection. Directly. Don’t share with a platform, share with a human.

Hold On To… The Power Of Sharing Authentic Feedback

  • Because we’re not aiming to be a controversial clickbait, ad-revenue generating machine, we don’t need to drive engagement for the sake of boosting our visibility.
  • If one of our articles has encouraged you to reach out to a human in your family, friendship group or wider community and you feel comfortable enough to share, please do send an email. We’d love to hear the actual human impact of this project.

“We’re more connected than ever before, yet many of us feel lonely. Why? We’ve lost hold of our humans and it’s time to reach out and relearn to connect.”

Amy Walter

Communications Consultant & Ever Anxious Mum

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